Why Space Planning is Essential For Your Home?

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July 22, 2019

Effective space planning has become a necessity with the growing rise in the real estate prices and the sizes of the dwelling units city life have evolved into. This means, be it your home or your office space - making optimal use of all the space available should be one of your top goals. Interior designing is all about the development and management of spaces that are not limited to being aesthetically appealing and visually enchanting, but also comfortable and functional at the same time. Space planning can make or break the deal for you - having the potential of either making your home a cozy, comfortable and a productive one or leave your home to be lifeless, bulky or place that needs you to compromise need, necessity and comfort on a daily basis. Nobody deserves to live in dull and gloomy places and that's why effective space planning is so important for your home. Being home to some of the most reputed interior designers & decorators in Bangalore, we've lined up some convincing reasons to why space planning is essential for your home:

Space planning increases the functionality of your spaces
Every room and every space in your home should have a purpose to serve. Be it kitchen, your bedroom, your living room area or your dining area, every space needs to be functional and comfortable. The goal of effective space planning is to effectively carry out the functionality of each room without making it look too cramped up or overworked. For instance, let's take the example of your kitchen area.

You may want to add a dining area in the kitchen space. Space planning will help you achieve this look without making your kitchen filled up. Similarly, if you want to add an in-home office to your bedroom, space planning becomes necessary to help you accommodate a functional home office, without disturbing the coziness your bedroom would have.

Space planning helps strike a perfect balance between beauty and comfort
Ideal space planning aims to bring in a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. It involves integrating various aspects of space management like - designs, colors and shades, quality, themes, placement, interior accessories and so on. This integration is then aimed at making your space look elegant while also being super comfortable and functional.

Space planning speaks about your personality
Whether you know it or not, space, where you work or live, speaks a ton about your personality. Best interior design firms do not try to mix it up by creating a fusion of various styles, but they try to develop a space that strikes a chord with your personality.

If you're someone who gets inspired by the retro looks - the retro theme is what your designers will be trying to put together for you. If you're a person who prefers to live a simple life and does not like clutter, - a sophisticated minimalistic look would be the ideal theme for your home. Likewise, best interior design firms will help you reconnect with your unique personality and preferences which will truly make your spaces your space!

Space planning helps create a space that has just about the right kind of lighting
Whether you are someone who prefers to make the most of the natural lighting or someone who prefers artificial lighting to natural lighting, your space planning designers will work things out for you right from the beginning to create the perfect lighting for your home. Large window panes with bigger curtains and large mirrors is a widely accepted interior designing practice to make your space appear larger with umpteen amount of sunlight and ventilation in the room.

On the other hand, warmer artificial lighting arrangement with smaller windows and cozy carpets and throw away pillows is an example of creating a more cosmopolitan finish to your home. Whatever your preference and style are, space planning is essential right from the beginning of building your home or renovating your home to make your home appear and feel like yours.

At Creative Axis, we help the customer define the space based on functionality and blend it with your choice of colors and shades, budget it well and give it all a well-desired character that resonates with your personality and lifestyle!


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