5 Key Elements of Home Interior Design

elements of home interior design
July 15, 2019

Interior Designing is a blend of art with architecture, an essential element of designing, necessary to complete your home. Value of an interior designer is truly realized when imagination is brought into creation, taking care of all the requirements of all inmates, blending it into the space available. Home Interior design is very personal for any individual and it is the responsibility of the designer to bring the 5 Key elements together.

Any design idea is based on the fundamental concept of space. This is done in order to take benefit of whatever is available. Space cannot be changed in most cases and the designer has to work with the existing physical structure.
Space is characterized as Positive and Negative. To give character to space is the ultimate purpose of a designer. The use of apt furniture, enough open spaces, well ventilated and well-lit areas, well-decorated spaces, all add up to define and make a space livable and loveable.

One of the elements that make interiors look presentable is geometry.
The horizontal axis gives a look of stability. They are used to make the rooms appear wider than they are. Vertical axis makes the room feel taller and bigger.
Diagonal axis is stimulating to the eye and captures the attention.

A creative balance of all the axis will enhance the overall aura of the space.
The 3 axes and the creative dynamics help to bring together the overall design of the space.

Light and Ventilation
Any space can look larger or smaller based on the lighting. Lighting can also be used to highlight one or many aspects of the design. Lighting can be natural or space planned, each has a unique way of contributing to the overall design.

The lighting of an area also depends on the activities undertaken in that area. Natural lighting should be taken into consideration before considering any artificial lighting to any space. Lighting also helps change moods and brings in character to space.
Ventilation is a key element that enhances the vibes of any space, making it feel positive. A blend in lighting and ventilation can improve the overall purpose and mood of the space defined.

Colours and Contours
Colors are often associated with mood. The basic design of any space is brought to life by the colors incorporated. Colors can alter the perception of space with regard to size.

People react to colors in different ways and some colors can visibly change the mood of a person solely by being in its presence. This gives a lot of advantages when it comes to playing with colors in a space and to bring out the characteristics that a person wants to portray in that space.
A role of a designer is to bring in a perfect blend of colors and contours to give the desired illusion to space.

Patterns are generally used to break the monotony involved in any space. Patterns can be created with the use of different elements like feature walls, wallpapers, highlighter walls, false ceilings, décor elements, accent colors, motifs, glass, mirrors, fabrics, many more elements that essential add good feel to space and resonate with the lives and lifestyles of the inmates.

These keys elements when brought together create harmony and become art by itself. A designer who understands the space value and knows to blend all these well with the budget and timelines available definitely creates a masterpiece of its kind.

Creative Axis, best interior design firms, focuses on the perfect blend of the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis to create a masterpiece for every individual who wants to resonate life into their homes.


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