How to ensure if your home has appropriate lighting?

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July 29, 2019

Lighting is one of the crucial features that give your home a new look. According to the best interior design firms, in trending interior home designs, lighting affects the ambience and mood of every area in your home. Get the lighting right and the entire experience of your interiors will improve significantly.

Here are a few tips to ensure that each space has appropriate lighting so that you can enjoy your home at its best.

Ceiling, Hallway& Stairway lighting
When it comes to selecting hanging light fixtures, the height of the ceiling is a factor that allows/decides the range you can choose from. So make sure you know which lights need to be used on the ceiling so that you don’t end up fixing a light that hangs either too high or too low.

Adding lights to the stairways is always beneficial as it takes care of the safety aspects with the level differences every stair has. It can be unsafe to climb the stairs without enough lighting for certain age groups. As a safety precaution, stairs should be lit from top to bottom on either end or you can also embed lights in the risers or skirting levels, which can also work beneficial as a design element.

Hallway, you can place light fixtures for a distance of every 8 to 10 feet and make sure it blends with other light fixtures in the ceiling and the stairway.

Living Room
The concept of appropriate light is a key factor in the living room area, as it a place where people or guests gather to meet and greet. You should use lights that enhance the place and brings out the best in your living room.

You can use recessed lighting in the living room as the source of the lights are concealed or you can also choose lights that are close-to-ceiling fixtures or wall scones or wall lamps when the tablespace is limited. All these fixtures provide ample lighting to the living room area and define the lifestyle of the inmates.

Dining Room & Kitchen
The main focus of using the right lighting fixture in the dining room is to provide enough lighting and visibility in the dining area. The fixtures should be fixed directly above the table or on all walls that can lite up space equally and making dining a comfortable experience. You can either use a chandelier with an integral downlight providing additional light on the table or pendant lighting as they set the tone for your dining room.

Sufficient lighting to should be used in the kitchen area as it is one of the areas of the house with packed time zones. Depending on your culinary needs you can sketch out what kind of light fixtures you would need in the kitchen. You can use artistic light fixtures that are dome-shaped and centred over your workspace. You can also use fixtures for your cabinet since they act as a cost-efficient lighting source for specific work areas.

Floor lights – It’s a common practice in many countries to use a concealed floor light at the skirting level in the kitchen to leave the kitchen lit all night, creating comfort to have accessibility to the kitchen all night to all inmates of all age groups.

Bedroom & Bathroom
There are two main focus points while using lights in the bedroom, they are bedside reading light and closet light. For bedside reading, you can fix wall-mounted fixtures with adjustable arms that have a separate switch within easy reach. For closet lighting, fixtures like ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures are generally used.

Bathroom requires careful consideration in placing a light because that is the place where self-grooming is done. A central ceiling-mounted fixture along with a fixture directly above the mirror can be used or the mirror can be lit by using fixtures on either side. Lights that sense the movement and function automatically are a great option for bathroom lighting.

Whether you need to change lighting for a specific room or the entire house, these tips will guide you in deciding the feel of space you want your home defined into.

It is also important to light the house sufficiently and not overdo it in the process of liking too many fixtures during selection!
At Creative Axis, we blend-in the designs with lighting, considering the natural lighting and ventilation available, to ensure the concept of creation is well thought about and executed, making every space live-able and love-able.


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