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As the name suggests, Creative Axis is not just the best interior design firms in Bangalore, but a perfect blend of many creative minds helping design and execute most pleasant and lavish homes all over South India. We derive our inspiration and triumph from all the challenges that are thrown our way, be it the exceptional demands of customers, crunch in time or limited fiscal situations. Over the years, with our experience we have unlocked the secrets to a successful designing spree. We not only consider the desires and try to deliver over and above them, but we also make sure that the impression of the house remains the same for years to come.

Creative Axis about us

he learnings come from experience, and we believe that our time at the Creative Axis has taught us the highs and lows of how to overcome the biggest of challenges. We have invested our time to understand, incorporate and deliver the ideas of our clients and set the bar. Our projects have a diversity in terms of not just the designs and feel but also the materials used and the technicality of execution. Starting from nothing and building the solid base for a durable future for our firm has been the best metaphor for a beautiful home. We value our customers and make them our top priority, considering all their requirements starting from theme based designs to budget specific projects. Not letting go of the relationship we have built with the customer, we also indulge ourselves in post-handover maintenance.

Renovating an already decorated home is a challenge in itself. How do you make a home better which has already presented itself as comfortable? We take it from scratch and develop simple customer’s concepts into an interior design dream. Keeping all our promises and rating the creativity that we intend to foreshow in our designs and projects is what makes us be prominent.

Creative Axis Interior Design and Decoration

Our Designs

Innovation is the key, but there are many twists and turns required to unlock the enchanted home. Starting from a timely execution, to advanced designs and the material matching mind's eye of the customer, we intend to give you your dream home.



Gone are the days one builds one home and renovates it from time to time. The trend today is to plan well and build to cater to requirements, beat the constraints or budget limitations.

”We began our days of work with a mini drafter, compass, scale and pencils in hand, today we work on projects with multiple iterations with an era where we use technology for everything.. Technology has certainly brought us forward in achieving client’s requirements.“

Anupama founder creative axis interior designs bangalore

Mr. Amrath Acharya


Building a house was on contract earlier, plans were done by the contractor or mason in charge of the work.

”While 2D and 3D designs are done, materials required for a particular project is calculated. This makes the work at factory with machines simpler and precise. We enjoy customizing every house to the macro level possible defining their comfort at every step. “

Mr Amrath acharya founder creative axis interior designs bangalore

Our Team

A team is what influences the work of any organization and we happily bank upon ours. Our team of skilled interior designers, Project managers, Civil Engineers and dedicated architects have been helping us bring out the best of our potential.

All the new ideas that brainstorm within the team and the way it effects the execution of our projects has built a satisfactory notion of perfection on our firm’s behalf.

Our Factory

“We take pride in our work – Creating your own space.”

We don’t only strategize to meet the customer’s notion of their flawless home but also add value to it by going above-and-beyond in all our endeavors.

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